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Autumn of Agile Screencast Series

Welcome to the homepage for the Autumn of Agile screencast video series.

The purpose of this site is to provide one-stop easy access to direct downloads of the screencasts. If you have feedback, comments, questions, etc. please visit my blog and post them there.

The opinions and viewpoints expressed in these screencasts are not necessarily those of Microdesk or its employees. These screencasts are produced by Stephen A. Bohlen who is solely responsible for their content.

To view these screencasts, you will first need to download and install the Techsmith Camtasia Codec on your computer.

Downloads Title
Video | No Code Iteration -1: Intro to Agile
Video | No Code Iteration 0 - Part A: Organizing Requirements
Video | No Code Iteration 0 - Part B: Estimating Tasks and Setting up CI Server
Video | Code Iteration 1 - Part A: Using TDD to drive our first User Story
Video | Code Iteration 1 - Part B: Integrating with Rhino Tools and ASP.NET MVC frameworks
Video | Code Iteration 1 - Part C: Our First Controller and View in ASP.NET MVC
Video | Code Iteration 1 - Part D: Refactoring to Eliminate Technical Debt

Also available: Summer of NHibernate

If you enjoy this screencast series, take note of the Summer of NHibernate series where we dive deep into the fundamentals of the use of the popular open-source Object-Relational Mapping framework for .NET over the course of a 15-part screencast series of demo coding sessions coupled with lightweight Powerpoint presentations of the concepts we address.